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Endangered wildlife!

This incredible photo of a young Qinling golden snub-nosed monkey is one of the winners in this year’s Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.
The species is endangered with an estimated less than 4,000 left. The huddled up pose is the best way for the monkey to keep warm in the extreme cold when not near its mother.
An exhibition with all the winning photos opens at the Natural History Museum from tomorrow before going on tour.

Photo : Cyril Ruoso


10 2011

Springwatch photos!

You know it’s Spring when the Springwatch photo group opens! Since March already over 30,000 fantastic wildlife photos have been posted. Have a nosy, pick your favourites or add your own Spring wildlife photos!
This one stuck out for me; a curious fox cub. Our foxes have been rather quiet this year, though earlier I did spot the male making a dash for it across the grass!
Photo © Natasha Von Bujnoch


05 2011


This cheeky little fella is a beautiful baby wombat just born in Ballarat wildlife park, Victoria, Australia. These marsupials grow up to a metre in length and build complex burrow systems. Their unique backwards-facing pouch means they don’t get dirt into it when they dig.
Photo : Newspix/Rex Features


04 2011

The merchant pigeon of Venice!

This weekend I’ve mainly been in Venice and found this fat, fluffed up pigeon nestling on one of the many religious icons. As reclaimed marshland, Venice’s wildlife at first glance seems limited to pigeons and seagulls…though I did spot some ducks diving in the sea. Pigeons always get a bad rep despite not helping spread human diseases probably because they’re one of the most abundant species across the world with an estimated 28 million birds in Europe!
Photos by Suzie Pipes ©


03 2011

Catching up with the snow monkeys!

All this talk of the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan was making me wonder how the snow monkeys were getting on. It was about this time last year we were over there watching them scamper around Jigokudani park!
Luckily as they are up at 850m they seem mostly unaffected. You can catch up with their antics via their webcam.


03 2011

Lucky ducky!

It’s a bit grey and overcast over here…so I’m staying in and keeping an eye on a beautiful mallard duck as she keeps her 14 eggs warm! She’s built a nest in the Wildlife Whisperer’s headquarters under a little wooden bridge and they’ve put in a live webcam so you can keep track on her progress. Their breeding season is from early March to late April, so she’s in the earliest phase of the season when it’s still quite cold. She will incubate them for around 28 days for them to hatch then 50-60 days for them to fledge. The chicks can swim and feed themselves as soon as they hatch, but they stay with their mother for warmth and protection.
Keep up to date with the mallard at the Wildlife Whisperer’s site…and have a look at their other webcams, there’s a rather fluffy bluetit that comes to roost every night as well as some cheeky fat mice.


03 2011

Spring is (finally) in the air!

It’s been the first lovely sunny day that’s felt like Spring! (I’m sure British March showers are only round the corner…but let’s enjoy it while we can!)
Why not capture your neighbourhood nature coming to life and enter the British Wildlife Photography Awards? We’ve had brave blackbirds stealing raisins from windowsills, the odd buzzing bumblebee and our garden foxes have been sunbathing a lot more recently!
There’re some handy photography hints from the Wildlife Trusts who are sponsoring one of this year’s categorys.
Photo : Oli Scarff/Getty


03 2011

Owls in the Big Apple!

Some incredible photos and film of some Long-eared owls who’ve set up home in New York’s Central Park! I’m quite jealous of Bruce Yolton observing them being moved on my an irate squirrel throwing things at them…
These are medium sized owls, 31-37cm, but it’s their large tufty ears that give them their name. And as we’re just coming into their breeding season, maybe soon you’ll also see some owl chicks in Manhatten…!


02 2011

Yogi goes fishing!

This incredible picture is the result of 6 years work following these powerful bears as they hunted and walked for miles through forests. Despite this reputation, bears are actually well adapted for a more vegetarian diet and are mostly opportunistic hunters…making good use of their powerful sense of smell to detect prey like this unfortunate fish.
Photo : Sergey Gorshkov/ Solent News


01 2011

Spot the clouded leopard!

Scientists have found that the rare Sunda Clouded Leopard has two subspecies; for Borneo and Indonesia. The species was only discovered in 2007 and this recent news means zoos and wildlife researchers must be careful with any breeding programmes. It’s thought the different species evolved after being separated by rising sea levels after the last Ice Age. The big cat remains on the endangered list as they need large hunting areas which are currently threatened by logging and plantations.


01 2011